Wireless routers are used to make internet access available via Wi-Fi, throughout your home or office. With these routers, you are free from being tied to a desk and limited by cords. All your mobile devices can be connected to the web once you have the wireless router enabled. They are easy to set up:

  1. First thing you do is connect the router to your modem. Connect an Ethernet cord (there should be one included with the wireless router) to the router and look for a port labeled WAN/Internet on your modem to attach the other end of the cord.
  2. Second step is to plug in the router to a power source via a power cord. Turn the router on. Wait a few moments for the router to identify the connection. There should be some led lights on the router. If they are red, wait for them to turn green.
  3. Note the name of the network from either the guide that came with the router or on the router itself. On your computer, click the network icon, which will look like a box with vertical bars. You should now see a list of available networks. Select your network’s name.
  4. You will be prompted to log in to connect. Use the default password that came with the package.
  5. Enjoy your wireless internet service!

If the router fails to connect, try to re-input the username and password just in case you made any typos. All passwords will be case sensitive. If you are still having issues, manually reset the router, and if that still isn’t working reset your computer. Wireless routers are now designed to be very easy and fast to set up, but if you continue to experience issues with getting it setup, you may want to contact the manufacturer.

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