Who uses the IP address is the default private network IP address commonly used by broadband routers made by the brand Belkin. Other brands of broadband routers that may use this IP as default are Siemens, SMC, and Edimax. Note that while a company makes network devices like Belkin may consistently use a certain IP address for their devices, it doesn’t mean that the IP address is exclusively theirs, or that it will only be used by that company. No company specifically owns any of the private (AKA internal) IP addresses commonly assigned to broadband routers. However, companies will often stick with a certain IP address and assign it to all their product models. This makes it much easier to keep things consistent and makes it easier for the companies to provide support.

How do I use

Many people who use Belkin broadband routers may not even be aware of their router’s IP. In many cases, users never actually use internal access controls that are accessible through But it is useful to know if a router is experiencing connectivity or network issues, or if security settings need to be updated for any reason.

Accessing the router’s internal administration console is easy. All a user needs to do is put in . For Belkin routers, users can also get connected by using http://router Once connected there will be a log in screen with a username and password. If it is the first time the user is accessing this page, or if log-in settings weren’t changed on last visit, then default user names and passwords can be used.

Commonly used default usernames

If none of the above works, users should always refer to their product’s user guides for the username and passwords. This info may also be found on the router hardware (usually on a sticker) Once logged in, there will be different options for changing settings and figuring out connectivity issues. Users don’t have to figure out what to do all on their own, there will often be a wizard interface that will guide the user step by step.

Knowing the IP can be a useful bit of info for all users!