What is the IP address

Just like computers, laptops, and mobile devices, broadband routers and modems are assigned an IP address. However, these modems and routers are assigned a private IP address instead of a public one. The difference between public and private IP address is that, public IPs are designated to a device so that it may be located by a public network like the internet, while private ones are designated so that they can only be seen by other devices that are specifically using that network. A private IP address will also serve the purpose of helping to establish connections between the devices in that network, like between a computer and router, for example.

The private IP address is used by a variety of modem and router brands such as Motorola, 2Wire, SparkLAN, Netopia, and more. If you received your router directly from the IP provider, look on the modem itself, or the information guide provided by your ISP. At&t and CenturyLink are 2 ISPs known to supply routers and modems that use

When would I use

Knowing the IP address can help you troubleshoot and correct network connectivity problems. These network connection issues will cause you to lose internet access. While there are sometimes a problems with the ISP, these conenction problems are more often caused by issues within your internal network. If manually resetting your devices doesn’t work, then you can connect to the router or modem by using, and access options to change settings and reset connections.

How do I connect with my router or modem using

Connecting to your router or modem with is actually quite simple. Outlined below are the steps to take:

  1. Open your preferred web browser and go to
  2. You will be presented to a log in screen. If you did not manually reset the username and password yourself, then you can use the prepackaged default log in information. In many cases the default username and password will both be “admin”. Or you try leaving both fields blank, as this is also a very common set-up. The username and password can also be found on the information sticker located on the device itself.
  3. Once logged in, you will be see different settings and options. You will also be prompted to follow instructions for troubleshooting or updating your device as needed.

When accessing your router via the IP address you can also update your security preferences. Depending on the brand of router or modem, there will also be advanced set up options for even more control over your private network. If you continue to experience issues after attempting to troubleshoot and reset your device, it is best to contact the manufacturer of the router itself, as they may have directions specific that particular model of router or modem.