What is the IP address

Though it is not typically used by the models of routers available for purchase in the United States, the IP address is a very widely used private IP address found in the global market of routers. It is also assigned for use by other devices, like computers and laptops within a private network, especially if the active router on that network is using as its default IP address. is one of the most common IP addresses used by devices found in home private networks is used by many devices

If a router is using as its IP, it will typically automatically assign all the clients on the network an individual IP address so that it can identity and communicate with that device. A router will use a range of IP addresses all starting with 192.168 for in-network assignment. The IP is typically the first IP address that it will assign to a device. You can also manually assign this IP address to a device on your network, though you should first check and see if any device is already using this IP. Because so many popular router companies, like Linksys, use an IP starting from 192.168.1.x as its default IP,the IP address is very widely used in home networks. There is a good chance that one of your devices on your home network is currently using this IP.

How do I log in and use

If you have a router that is using (which may very well be the case if the router was bought outside the U.S.) you can access its admin portal by typing in directly into your favorite’s browser’s address bar. You will then be connected to a log in screen. It is common for the default setting of both the username and password to be “admin”, though this will vary. The username and password will be found on the device, usually on the bottom, or on a sticker placed somewhere on its surface.