Why can’t I connect to

If you know a broadband router’s IP address you can use it to log in to the admin console to update settings. However, you need to make sure you have the right address. Even one number can throw everything off. Think about it this way; when a mailman is delivering packages he needs to know the right zip/postal code. One incorrect digit can mean the package gets to the wrong city! is a commonly searched for IP address, but it’s actually a typo. This IP is incorrect and will not connect you to anything. More than likely, you are looking for the IP, which is a valid IP assigned to routers and in-network devices.

Netgear and D-Link are 2 examples of router brands that use This IP is not exclusive to only these two brands, but these are very commonly used so chances are they may be in your network. Your ISP may have provided you with a router that uses

To log in, simply go to From there you can input the default username and password. If you don’t know this information, look at the router device itself. You can also try to input “admin” into both the username and password fields, as this is a commonly used default log in set up. This may seem like a piece of technical trivia, but knowing your router’s IP address can actually help solve connection issues that don’t resolve during manual resets.

Every router will have a private IP address assigned to it. Private IP addresses work like home addresses for your network, they identify where a device is and how to get there. Just remember to double check that you have inputted the right digits. After all, just like mail, you want to end up in the right place!